Guest Blog: Olivia’s 2023 Travel Destinations

Written by Olivia Mehaffey

Life as a professional golfer involves a lot of travel all over the world. This year I competed in Kenya, South Africa, France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, England, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, India, Spain, America and Morocco. 

The schedule on tour typically returns to the same courses and venues each year but typically there are 1-3 new events per season. This year I got to visit three new countries; India, Czech Republic and Kenya. Often when I travel for golf tournaments I don’t have very much spare time to explore the country itself. I try to set aside one evening or an afternoon to do an activity but this can be challenging with golf commitments. 

The most unique experience this year was travelling to Kenya. I didn’t spend time away from the course but this didn’t matter as we were greeted on the course by zebras, monkeys and giraffes. It was a surreal experience to walk the fairways and watch these beautiful animals. I also loved the culture here, I felt it was an extremely welcoming and friendly country. 

My favourite experience this year was doing a safari in Johannesburg and visiting Boulders Beach in Cape Town. These are two things I have always wanted to do. Both surpassed my expectations and I couldn’t recommend doing them enough. We had an amazing tour guide on our safari, and I never would have imagined getting so close to the animals. We even got to watch the lions get fed and had them right next to our vehicle. South Africa was my favourite place to compete this year, we played at both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Overall the weather, food, affordability and possible activities are amazing. 

Prague was one of my favourite cities I have been to in Europe. This was my first time there and wandering the streets was very interesting and beautiful. The place that stood out the most was Old Town Square and all its fascinating history. I was blown away by how stunning it was.

Although we don’t get to visit and explore everywhere we travel, I always make sure I try some traditional food from each country. This is definitely one of my favourite things about travelling. I always order local dishes or if there is a shop nearby try to purchase some traditional grocery items. Overall India had the most incredible cuisine and the food was much different to what I was expecting.

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