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Updated information on the raised alert level for Nevado del Ruiz volcano activity ('Natural Disasters' pages).

1st April 2023 | 04:04


Information on risks for journalists. (Safety & Security Page)

31st March 2023 | 08:12

El Salvador

Updated information about a further extension to the State of Exception (emergency)('Safety and Security' page).

31st March 2023 | 07:14


Updated information covering the relaxation of requirements to wear a mask in public spaces ('Coronavirus' page).

31st March 2023 | 01:29


New Nepalese Government requirements for trekkers to use a guide or porter; the risks of delays to flights in remote and trekking destinations ('Summary' and 'Safety and security' pages).

Road traffic accidents being a major cause of death and disability in Nepal ('Safety and security' page).

Updated information on the notary and documentation services that British Embassy Kathmandu is able to provide ('Coronavirus' page).

30th March 2023 | 04:11


Passport validity - a requirement that a passport should be valid for a minimum period of 90 days beyond a stay in Macao ('Entry requirements' page).

30th March 2023 | 03:52

South Korea

Updated information on lifting of K-ETA requirement for visitors from the UK ('Entry requirements' page).

30th March 2023 | 09:20


Updated information on protests in central Paris and elsewhere in France ('Summary' page).

29th March 2023 | 04:59


Information on COVID-19 related entry requirements including no longer needing to show proof of vaccination status or providing a negative PCR test on arrival (‘Entry Requirements' page).

29th March 2023 | 03:21


Removal of outdated information ('Entry Requirements' page).

29th March 2023 | 01:20


Removal of information about a 24 hour strike on 27 March 2023 ('Summary page').

29th March 2023 | 10:39


Updated information that you no longer have to self-isolate after testing positive for COVID-19 in Slovakia and additional information on fines for staying in Slovakia longer than legally allowed ('Coronavirus' and 'Entry requirements' pages).

28th March 2023 | 03:51


Updated guidelines on Visa requirements ('Entry requirements' page) and information on the political situation (‘Safety and security’ page).

28th March 2023 | 01:35


Updated information on Emergency Travel Documents ('Entry requirements').

28th March 2023 | 10:58


Updated information on entry requirements to reflect the removal of the requirement for travellers to show proof of vaccination, recovery or testing against COVID-19 ('Summary', 'Coronavirus', and 'Entry requirements' pages).

28th March 2023 | 09:53

Myanmar (Burma)

Updated information about the relaxation of COVID-19 insurance requirements and information about visa overstay ('Entry requirements' page),

28th March 2023 | 09:04


Updated information on Malaria and Dengue haemorrhagic fever ('Health' page).

27th March 2023 | 12:22

The Occupied Palestinian Territories

Updated information about political demonstrations and strikes across Israel ('Summary page').

27th March 2023 | 10:42


Updated information about political demonstrations and strikes across Israel ('Summary page').

27th March 2023 | 10:41


Update on the State of Emergency (‘Safety and security’ page).

24th March 2023 | 04:15

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