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New information on border opening for nationals and residents of neighbouring countries and update on commercial flights (‘Return to the UK’ and ‘Entry requirements’ pages)

30th October 2020 | 03:53


New information on doing business in Kyrgyzstan, update to information on the political situation, and updated information on Kyrgyz/Tajik borders ('Safety and security' page).

30th October 2020 | 03:44

Myanmar (Burma)

New information on upcoming elections in Myanmar ('Summary', 'Coronavirus' and 'Safety and security' pages)

30th October 2020 | 03:13


Updated information on suspension of flights into and out of Bujumbura International Airport ('Summary', ‘Coronavirus’ and ‘Entry requirements’ pages). Minor editorial amendments to other sections.

30th October 2020 | 01:57


Updated information on the extension of the emergency decree, further COVID-19 measures and visa amnesty expires on 31 October ('Coronavirus' and 'Entry requirements' page)

30th October 2020 | 01:33


Updated information on visa requirements for Kazkhstan ('Entry requirements' page)

30th October 2020 | 12:07


Updated information on Covid measures introduced across Tunisia and regulations when transiting through an EU country on return to the UK (‘Summary’ and 'Coronavirus' pages).

30th October 2020 | 11:26


New information and advice on temporary domestic recommendations in some regions ('Coronavirus' page). Sweden has banned entry to non-EU and non-EEA citizens arriving from outside of the EU until at least 22 December 2020 ('Entry requirements' page)

30th October 2020 | 10:28


Updated information on public spaces and services restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 ('Coronavirus' page)

30th October 2020 | 10:02


Updated information on entry to Austria in response to COVID-19 restrictions ('Entry requirements' page)

30th October 2020 | 09:50


New information on the closure of land borders between Belarus and Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine for all foreign citizens. Flights continue to operate into and out of Minsk National Airport as normal ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' pages).

30th October 2020 | 09:46


Typhoon Goni is expected to impact Central and Southern Luzon, particularly the provinces of Quezon and Aurora, on 31 October or 1 November ('Natural disasters' page).

29th October 2020 | 10:15


Update on COVID-19 restrictions and on nationwide testing 31 October to 1 November ('Summary' and ‘Coronavirus’ page).

29th October 2020 | 05:35

Burkina Faso

Updated information on upcoming presidential and legislative elections on 22 November 2020 ('Safety and security’ page)

29th October 2020 | 05:26


The FCDO advise against all non-essential travel to Cyprus. This is based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks.

29th October 2020 | 05:06


The FCDO advise against all non-essential travel to Lithuania. This is based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks.

29th October 2020 | 05:05

Côte d'Ivoire

Updated information on the Presidential elections in Côte d’Ivoire on Saturday 31 October (‘Summary’ and ‘Safety and security’ pages)

29th October 2020 | 04:45


New information on road travel for travellers that are travelling to and transiting through France from Spain ('Coronavirus' page)

29th October 2020 | 04:28


Updated information on testing on arrival and self-isolation on entry to Gabon ('Summary’ and ‘Entry Requirements pages). Update on curfew arrangements and public places and services ('Coronavirus' page).

29th October 2020 | 04:27


Update to information on extension of state of emergency and restrictions on use of beaches ('Coronaviurs' page). Update to information on ETDs ('Entry requirements' page).

29th October 2020 | 03:55

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