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Updated information on requirement to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test no more than 48 hours before entry, plus updated information on meeting in public spaces and travelling to Greenland from Denmark. (See 'Summary' Coronavirus' and Entry requirements' pages)

5th May 2021 | 06:55


New information on Cambodia's three tier 'zoning' system due to COVID-19 outbreak; this has been introduced to the major cites with 'Red', 'Dark Yellow' and 'Yellow' zones ('Coronavirus' page)

5th May 2021 | 04:35

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Update to information on Eastern DRC and border regions (‘Summary’ and ‘Safety and security’ page)

5th May 2021 | 04:25


Addition of information on revised restrictions of movement and shop opening hours (‘Summary’ and 'Coronavirus' pages)

5th May 2021 | 04:23


Removal of information on Tropical Storm Jobo and updated information on local laws and entry requirements to Tanzania (‘Summary’, 'Local laws and customs', ‘Entry requirements’ and 'Natural disasters' pages)

5th May 2021 | 04:23


Updated information on COVID-19 test certificate and quarantine requirements ('Summary' and ‘Entry requirements’ pages)

5th May 2021 | 04:08


Removal of some charter flights and update on lock down status and border closures ('Return to UK', 'Coronavirus' and 'Entry requirements' pages)

5th May 2021 | 03:54


Updated information on entry requirements to Belarus ('Entry requirements' page)

5th May 2021 | 03:36

North Macedonia

New information on international travel requirements for travellers arriving from India or Brazil and updated information on COVID-19 restrictions for public places and services in North Macedonia ('Coronavirus' page)

5th May 2021 | 03:31


Updated information on Monaco's curfew times ('Summary' and 'Coronavirus' page)

5th May 2021 | 02:43


Updated information on the temporary closure of Timor-Leste’s airports, ports, and land borders from 3 May 2021 until 1 June 2021 and exemption for those with a vaccination certificate from mandatory isolation ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' pages). Information on decision to resume a lockdown in the Capital Dili from 3 May 2021 until 16 May 2021 ('Coronavirus' page)

5th May 2021 | 02:03


Removal of information on the lockdown in Lebanon from 1 to 4 May

5th May 2021 | 01:00

Cape Verde

Addition of information that all islands in the Cape Verde archipelago are in a 'state of calamity' until further notice. Ilha Brava remains in a 'state of contingency' (‘Coronavirus’ page)

5th May 2021 | 12:26


This advice has been reviewed in full and republished with amendments to the 'Coronavirus', 'Safety and security', 'Terrorism', 'Local laws and customs', 'Entry requirements' and 'Natural disasters' pages.

5th May 2021 | 12:16


Updated information on curfews in Jordan; the 24-hour Friday curfews have been cancelled ('Coronavirus' page)

5th May 2021 | 11:11


Updated information on scheduled international flights and the Canawaima Ferry service between Moleson Creek in Guyana and South Drain, Suriname has resumed. However restrictions to non-residents apply ('Return to the UK' page)

5th May 2021 | 11:07


New information on how to get a COVID-19 vaccine if you are a foreign national resident in Hungary, including UK nationals ('Coronavirus' page)

5th May 2021 | 10:51


Addition of information on changes to the duration of quarantine and self isolation periods in Vietnam ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' pages)

5th May 2021 | 10:12


New information on testing requirements for passengers connecting via Frankfurt before arrival Germany and updated information quarantine requirements for arrival in Angola (‘Summary, ‘Coronavirus’ and ‘Entry requirements’ pages)

5th May 2021 | 09:44


Updated information on 9 provinces in Algeria with curfews in due to COVID-19 ('Coronavirus' page)

5th May 2021 | 09:34

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