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Latest update: Summary - Tropical Storm Jerry has been upgraded to Hurricane Jerry. Forecast to pass just to the north of the northern Leeward Islands, including Anguilla, on Friday 20 September. If you intend to travel to Anguilla in the next few days, you should check with your travel company, exercise due caution and monitor local news and weather reports.

19th September 2019 | 06:43


Summary and Safety and security section - addition of information on forest fires currently affecting the regions of the Chaco area and Northeast regions; information on transnational criminal organisations operating along Paraguay’s eastern border with Brazil

19th September 2019 | 05:51

Antigua and Barbuda

Summary - addition of information on Hurricane Jerry that is forecast to pass near the northern Leeward Islands on Friday 20 September; tropical storm watch is in effect for Barbuda

19th September 2019 | 05:24


Summary - factual update on Tropical Depression Imelda; you should monitor the progress of any approaching storms on the National Hurricane Center website and follow any instructions issued by the local authorities

19th September 2019 | 02:13


Summary - updated information and advice on air pollution caused by ongoing forest fires; you should monitor the Air Pollutant Index Management System (APIMS) updates and health advisories issued by the Malaysian Department of Environment

19th September 2019 | 01:26


Summary - factual update to information on kidnap

18th September 2019 | 04:25


Summary - removal of information on transport strike on 13 September 2019; addition of information on a yellow vest protest planned for 21 September 2019

18th September 2019 | 04:13


Summary - updated factual information on recent flooding

18th September 2019 | 03:59


Summary - updated factual information on parliamentary elections on 23 October 2019

18th September 2019 | 02:34


Health section - some private clinics in Serbia offer treatment for addiction; you should seek advice from your local GP or health provider in the UK before undertaking such treatment

18th September 2019 | 02:00


Summary - removal of information on wildfire in Zakynthos

18th September 2019 | 01:17


Summary – addition of information and advice about a glacial flood on the Skaftá river

18th September 2019 | 12:39


Health section - factual update on an ongoing outbreak of Chikungunya fever in Dire Dawa; travellers in the area should take action to prevent mosquito bites

18th September 2019 | 10:57

South Africa

This advice has been reviewed in full with amendments throughout

17th September 2019 | 03:21

Hong Kong

Summary - removal of information on planned protests on 14 and 15 September 2019

17th September 2019 | 02:40


Summary - addition of information on Eintracht Frankfurt vs Arsenal FC at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt on Thursday 19 September 2019; if you're travelling to the match, you should visit our dedicated advice page

17th September 2019 | 09:47


Safety and security section (Road blockades) and Summary - blockades in Uyuni have been lifted; there is a possibility of renewed protests and you should contact your tour operator for local information before travelling

16th September 2019 | 04:57


Summary - Hurricane Humberto is forecast to pass 100 miles north of Bermuda by late Wednesday 19th / early Thursday 20th August as a Category 2 hurricane; people intending to travel on those days should check with their travel company, exercise due caution and monitor local news and weather reports

16th September 2019 | 04:49

United Arab Emirates

Entry requirements (UK Emergency Travel Documents) - update to information on ETDs; Local laws and customs (Drugs, Alcohol) - some skincare products and E-cigarette refills may contain ingredients that are illegal in the UAE such as CBD oil; you should check the UAE Ministry of Health website; tourists in Dubai are able to obtain a temporary liquor licence for the duration of a month from the two official liquor distributors

16th September 2019 | 04:43


Summary - removal of information UEFA Europa League third round qualifying match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and FC Pyunik in August

16th September 2019 | 03:49

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