Travel Greener with Selective Travel Management

With sustainable travel on the rise, we’ve had a look at the ways we can help your business to travel smarter and greener this year

What is Sustainable Travel?

Sustainable travel is the process of travelling and making a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy. With air travel accounting for around 75% of the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions (Green Choices) and Co2 emissions rising up to 70% faster than predicted (The Guardian), sustainable travel is becoming an increasingly important factor for business and leisure travellers alike. 

What are Carbon Emissions?

Scope 3 Carbon Emissions are deemed a consequence of actions that occur at source over which we do not have any control - however, it is vital to manage and minimise our Carbon Emissions as much as possible.

How can we help?

There is a growing demand for environmental controls on travel, with organisations turning to their TMC for advice and support. For those businesses that are keen to reduce their footprint and increase their efficiency, Selective Travel Management’s Account Managers are well versed in advising how to calculate, manage and minimise Carbon Emissions.

We can aid sustainable travel by having a robust travel policy in place and ensuring compliance, making sure everyone uses the contracted supplier so that maximum data is captured. A partnership approach must therefore be taken between the business and TMC.

There are four major key benefits to this:

1. Appeasing to key stake holders - Staff, Students, Governing Bodies, International Partners

2. Improves Reputation - Shows the organisation as an environmentally responsible business

3. Costs reduction - Ultimately reduces overall costs

4. Emission Targets - Achieved and measured accurately

The current trend in the travel industry is to set carbon travel budgets as opposed to monetary travel budgets - again stringently managed by sound policy and compliance, and is a much more effective way of minimising Carbon Emissions. These policies are shown to have dramatic impact with highly visible indicators that demonstrate the effect travel has on the environment.

By working with suppliers who are committed to zero carbon status, your TMC can further help to reduce carbon emissions or advise of more carbon friendly ways to travel, such as taking a train as opposed to flying where possible. This is where Selective Travel Management can undertake, administrate and implement the best possible solution to help your organisation travel sustainably this year.

If you would like to travel greener, speak with a member of our team on (028) 9038 9007 or email