Sustainable Business Travel Post-Pandemic & Beyond

Selective Travel Management can help your business take control of a more sustainable future

With government led net zero carbon targets looming, businesses are becoming more conscious of their Carbon Footprint than ever before. As a result of this target, businesses are trying to reduce their overall carbon emissions in every way possible. In the business travel world, there is an increasing pressure for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint and an urgency to act accordingly, following scientific advice that we need to act now to save the planet.

Travel should not be looked upon as a cost to a business, but as an investment. This investment could be a new product, supplier or client, but ultimately it is what drives businesses forward.

Travel itself accounts for only 16% of CO2 emissions and while this is low, we can all do more to further reduce our impact, such as:

  • Selecting more fuel efficient aircraft, flying as direct as possible and limiting travel to Economy Class.
  • If hiring cars, use electric vehicles, as opposed to alternative fuel types.
  • Try to utilise rail networks wherever possible.

All this combined helps you reduce your carbon targets and ultimately helps UK plc achieve the net zero target.

Why Choose Selective Travel Management?

Working with our global sustainability partners, Selective Travel Management can help you understand your carbon footprint, successfully track your emissions and work with various offsetting programmes to suit your company’s values.

By using greener options to travel and offsetting against journeys, we can help you and your travellers to make the best-informed choices to achieve your net zero targets that will eventually lead to our worlds carbon neutrality.

Selective Travel Management are here to help your business take control of its carbon footprint and a more sustainable future. If you have any questions on any of the above information or simply require some guidance or advice, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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