Selective Welcomes Graduates from Queen’s University

At Selective Travel Management, we have a long-established partnership with one of our largest clients - Queen’s University

Our decade-long partnership has created various opportunities for prospective Queen’s students over the years, having acquired many students, both current and graduates, for short term internships or graduate roles at Selective Travel Management. By providing these opportunities in collaboration with Queen’s University, current students and graduates can advance in their chosen subject’s expertise.

Just last summer at Selective Travel Management we accumulated three Queen’s University I.T graduates. They have transitioned from the educational environment of university to the corporate environment of Selective Travel Management seamlessly. Daniel Toner, Callum McConnell and Cathair Harpur have discussed their positive experiences so far in their bios below.

Daniel Toner Bio:

Daniel Toner began studying Computer Science at Queen’s University in September 2017 and during this time, he completed a year of industrial experience. Daniel studied a range of computer science topics such as, databases, programming languages and theory of computation. For Daniel’s final project he developed a web-based tool for visualising data on diseases in Vietnam. This tool also has the function to project case numbers of diseases across each province based on climate factors.

After graduating from Queen’s University, Daniel was keen to begin his career as a software engineer in a graduate role. He came across a career opportunity on the Queen’s employment website with Selective Travel Management and decided to apply. After a few interviews, Daniel accepted an offer of employment in the role of Junior Software Engineer with Selective Travel Management.

Since starting, Daniel has learnt a range of skills including new frameworks for web development and how to write software that is suitable for enterprise. Daniel views his time at Selective Travel Management as a great experience so far and looks forward to what the future will bring.

Callum McConnell Bio:

Callum McConnell began his role of Junior Software Engineer at Selective Travel Management in August 2021. Prior to this, Callum had studied a Master’s in Computer Science and is set to complete his degree in 2022. His degree consists of software engineering, project management and information modelling. Callum enjoyed his time at Queen’s University and views it as a highlight of his time in education.

Callum views his initial months at Selective Travel Management as both welcoming and exceptionally seamless. Despite the pandemic and all its obstacles, Callum felt included within his new role and carefully eased into larger projects. As a result of this, his confidence increased, along with his abilities as a programmer helping to build a trusting, efficient environment within the team. Callum is grateful for both Queen’s University and Selective Travel Management for the opportunities he’s been presented with and the many more that will undoubtedly appear in the future.

Cathair Harpur Bio:

Cathair Harpur studied a BSc in Computer Science including a year in the industry at Queen’s University from 2017 to 2021. His course focused on a range of areas such as Computer Science, Software Development and Database Management.

Over the four years at Queen’s University, Cathair has significantly developed his knowledge and skills within software development. Cathair views his time at university as the necessary steppingstone to gaining the expertise required to be a Software Engineer.

When studying for his degree, Cathair was involved in several individual and team-based website projects. He used a range of computer languages, such as PHP, Java and Python. This helped Cathair gain insight on how websites function from the front end to the back end, the importance of user interface and above all, how to work in a team.

After a friend of a friend’s recommendation about the new Junior Software Engineer role with Selective Travel Management, Cathair researched and found he aligned accurately with the company and could provide the necessary skills that the role required. Cathair interviewed for the job and later began his new role of Junior Software Engineer in June 2021. So far, it’s been a highly enjoyable experience for Cathair, and he looks forward to the future in his role of Junior Software Engineer with Selective Travel Management.


The team at Selective Travel Management look forward to the next decade of our partnership with Queen’s University. Throughout working together, it remains a positive experience and provides an invaluable opportunity for students to kickstart their careers in the corporate travel environment. We remain focused on enhancing our ongoing partnership with Queen’s University and look forward to the further opportunities this may bring.

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