Common FAQs

Travel confidently with Selective Travel Management

When we consider travel uncertainty is still looming in the air, but it has resumed with rules and regulations put in place to protect those travelling. There are more concerns than ever before with new rules and restrictions being introduced daily surrounding both the pandemic and Brexit.

At Selective Travel Management we are working hard to make sure our clients feel confident about travelling again. We understand that returning to travel may be difficult and concerning, but we can help prepare your business and travellers by eliminating your anxiety around travelling post-covid.

We have gathered some common FAQs to try and simplify the travel process and eliminate the worry about travelling once again:

1. Is my passport still valid for travel to the EU after Brexit?

The burgundy red British passports that were renewed before Brexit are still valid until the expiry date and when they are renewed you will receive the new blue passport. However, you will need to make sure your passport is still valid for approximately 6 months from the day you travel to Europe and valid for 3 months from the day you leave. You can contact your Dedicated Team for advice or check that your passport will be valid prior to your trip.

2. Do I need a visa to travel to the EU as a result of Brexit?

Depending on the purpose, traveller nationality, duration of travel, and the location you wish to travel to, visa requirements differ. Get in contact with your Dedicated Team for advice or check visa requirements online.

3. What can I do if I have an issue while travelling?

If you have an issue while travelling during office hours i.e. 08:30 – 18:00 Monday to Friday, you should contact your Dedicated Team in the office. If you have an issue while travelling outside of office hours i.e. Monday - Friday, weekends and Bank Holidays, you need to contact our 24/7 Out of Hours Support Team.

4. Who do I contact if I need to change my trip or itinerary?

If you need to make changes to an upcoming trip you should contact your Dedicated Team during office hours. However, if you are currently travelling or need to make changes immediately outside of office hours, you need to contact our 24/7 Out of Hours Support Team.

5. My flight got cancelled, how do I get a refund or reschedule?

If your flight gets cancelled during your trip, we will be in contact to rearrange your plans and ensure you get home safe. If you need to change a flight during your trip, contact your Dedicated Team during office hours or get in touch with our 24/7 Out of Hours support team. If your flight is cancelled prior to travel, you can email or telephone your Dedicated Team to discuss your options for rescheduling your flight or to receive any applicable refunds.

6. Will I need proof of a negative COVID-19 test? If so, how do I get one that will be valid?

Whether you need to produce a negative COVID-19 test or not will depend on where you are travelling to and returning from. Multiple suppliers offer this facility and you can discuss requirements for proof of a negative test with your Dedicated Team or check out the latest government travel advice.

7. Do I need to self-isolate when I return from my trip?

This will depend on the travel restrictions and the country you are returning from. Travel restrictions are constantly changing, and nothing is ever certain. You can see updated travel lists on the Government website.

8. Am I exempt from travel restrictions because of the role/industry sector I work in?

There are some jobs that are exempt from the travel restrictions, however if you are unsure or would rather talk to someone for advice, please get in touch with our expert team and they will be happy to help.

9. Do I need to update/change my travel policy because of COVID-19?

If you haven’t reviewed your travel policy since before covid, it is best to get in touch with your Account Manager to make sure it is still up-to-date and relevant. Not only have travel requirements changed due to the pandemic, but there are also new rules and regulations as a result of Brexit. Ensuring you travel policy is up to date should be a priority before travelling again in the interest of protecting your travellers.

10. Where can I find the latest COVID-19 travel information?

You can find a wealth of information within the ‘Travel Advice’ section of The Hub including Vaccine Information, Travel Alerts, UK Foreign Advice, World Heath updates and more. Selective Travel Management will also keep you up to date via marketing communications, social media and through your Dedicated Team and/or Account Manager.

If you have any other questions or queries, then speak with a member of our team on (028) 9038 9007 or email