5 Tips to Stay Healthy on a Business Trip

It’s important to look after your health when travelling for business, especially when you need to be on peak performance at a meeting or event

Follow these 5 tips to ensure you stay healthy and get the most out of your business trip:

1) Bring your own snacks

It can be expensive to buy food at airports and you might feel peckish or need something on the go. Another issue may be that you are travelling to a country where the types of food you like to eat may not be available. To prevent this issue, packing a few non-perishable items might be a smart move. Think about healthy snacks such as trail mix, nuts, protein bars or cereal bars which act as a quick snack when time is of the essence and provide an energy boost for your mind and body.

2) Eat according to time zones

When travelling on long haul flights, it can be hard to adjust to time zones and work through the shift in schedules. A good routine is to adjust your appetite for the time zone you are travelling to on the day of travel. For example, if you are travelling in the morning, you would more than likely be having breakfast at the airport. However, the time zone you are travelling to may currently be at lunch or dinner time. It might be better to have lunch or dinner at the airport instead of breakfast (even though this may feel strange) as it will allow you to indulge in the next local mealtime upon arrival.

3) Be as active as possible

Staying active while on your trip is a great way to burn extra energy and help you get a better night’s sleep. In your off time you could explore the city you’re in, or, if it is not too late and you’d prefer to stay at the hotel, you could check if they have a gym or do a hotel room workout. If you have time and the location is close by, walk to your events instead of getting a taxi or taking public transport. Settle into your business trip by spending time outdoors and getting as much fresh air as possible.

4) Stay hydrated

Travelling can often be a long-drawn-out process and we can forget to keep our bodies hydrated. Drinking a lot of fluids can help prevent illness and make sure we stay as healthy as when we are at home. Avoiding alcohol and caffeinated drinks is a good idea. If you do decide to partake, make sure to do this earlier in the day, so it doesn’t affect your quality of sleep or performance. This late evening combination paired with the same ventilated air being pumped around the plane will have a lasting groggy effect on your body. Instead arrive feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

5) Order wisely

It’s best to avoid fast food (even though it’s the easy go-to) as it will leave you feeling lethargic and tired. The same can be said when sitting down for a meal with colleagues. Try to avoid fatty, starchy foods. These can be hard to digest and make you feel bloated before heading for a night’s rest. Portion control is also a smart idea as eating a large meal before bed will always make for a more difficult sleep. Eat wisely and treat your body as a temple to ensure you maximise the full potential of your business trip.